Swans put contract talks on hold

Last updated : 18 January 2011 By BBC Sport

But they risk losing midfielder Darren Pratley, defender Angel Rangel and goalkeeper Dorus de Vries for nothing by waiting until the summer.

"It is just a common sense approach to take pressure off the players," Jenkins told BBC Sport Wales.

"What we're trying to do is clarify this so we can look forward and be fully focused on what lies ahead for the club over the next few months.

"It's trying to put everybody's mind clear, the media in particular, that there's no need to look to ask questions and put any pressure on our players to make statements about their contract situation.

"It follows on from Darren Pratley [who put talks on hold last August] in the last few months in which we know full well that... that's been shelved until the end of the season.

"And to be fair to Darren, he's been fantastic on the field and we want that to continue.

"We want every player to be fully focused and doing their best for the team and see where we get to at the end of the season."

Why does he have to come out and announce to the world regarding this? Why doesn't he just say to all the other clubs: 'Come and help yourselves, these players are going for free'?


Last season's top scorer Pratley has been a long-time target of Nottingham Forest who had a bid rejected last summer, but has also been linked with a move to the Premier League.

Spaniard Rangel was the subject of a failed bid by Premier League Blackpool, also in the summer, while Fulham expressed an interest a year ago.

Dutchman De Vries has been hailed as one of the best goalkeepers outside the top-flight.

Other players out of contract this summer include Ferrie Bodde, Tom Butler, Cedric van der Gun, and Shefki Kuqi.

Swansea have in the past lost key players at the end of their contracts. Leon Britton quit last summer for Sheffield United while Andy Robinson left for Leeds in 2008.

But Jenkins is not concerned about the risk.

"I think controlling our finances and keeping the club on an even keel is the first priority," he added.

"But I think the fact we want everyone in club to be fully focused on what's in front of us over the next few months and the challenge we face is far more important to us [than contracts].

"We feel at this point in time, it's the right thing to do and make sure everybody's aware of it.

"We've proved over the last eight to 10 years we've been involved in the club is making sure we do first and foremost everything right for the club and that's what we'll always try and continue to do.

"We have to carry on with the same policies that we have done."

Source: BBC Sport

Source: BBC Sport