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F.A. Cup competition results from 2004/2005

A full listing of matches played in the competition throughout the season

Available competitions and seasons   
Saturday, 21st May 2005
Arsenal (PREM)0Manchester United (PREM)071,876
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0, Arsenal won 5-4 on penalties, played at Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
Semi Final
Saturday, 16th April 2005
Arsenal (PREM)3Blackburn Rovers (PREM)052,077
played at Millennium Stadium
Sunday, 17th April 2005
Newcastle United (PREM)1Manchester United (PREM)469,280
played at Millennium Stadium
6th Round
Saturday, 12th March 2005
Bolton Wanderers (PREM)0Arsenal (PREM)123,523
Southampton (PREM)0Manchester United (PREM)430,971
Sunday, 13th March 2005
Blackburn Rovers (PREM)1Leicester City (CHMP)022,113
Newcastle United (PREM)1Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)051,307
5th Round Replay
Tuesday, 1st March 2005
Blackburn Rovers (PREM)2Burnley (CHMP)128,691
Brentford (LGE1)1Southampton (PREM)311,720
Sheffield United (CHMP)0Arsenal (PREM)027,595
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0. Arsenal won 4-2 on penalties
Wednesday, 2nd March 2005
Nottingham Forest (CHMP)0Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)328,062
5th Round
Saturday, 19th February 2005
Arsenal (PREM)1Sheffield United (CHMP)136,891
Bolton Wanderers (PREM)1Fulham (PREM)016,151
Charlton Athletic (PREM)1Leicester City (CHMP)223,719
Everton (PREM)0Manchester United (PREM)238,664
Southampton (PREM)2Brentford (LGE1)224,741
Sunday, 20th February 2005
Burnley (CHMP)0Blackburn Rovers (PREM)021,468
Newcastle United (PREM)1Chelsea (PREM)045,740
Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)1Nottingham Forest (CHMP)135,640
4th Round Replay
Saturday, 12th February 2005
Fulham (PREM)4Derby County (CHMP)215,528
after extra time, 90 minutes 2-2
Hartlepool United (LGE1)0Brentford (LGE1)17,580
Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)3West Bromwich Albion (PREM)127,860
Sunday, 13th February 2005
Sheffield United (CHMP)1West Ham United (CHMP)115,067
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1, Sheffield United won 3-1 on penalties
4th Round
Saturday, 29th January 2005
Arsenal (PREM)2Wolverhampton Wanderers (CHMP)037,153
Blackburn Rovers (PREM)3Colchester United (LGE1)010,634
Brentford (LGE1)0Hartlepool United (LGE1)08,967
Burnley (CHMP)2AFC Bournemouth (LGE1)09,944
Charlton Athletic (PREM)3Yeovil Town (LGE2)222,873
Derby County (CHMP)1Fulham (PREM)122,040
Everton (PREM)3Sunderland (CHMP)033,186
Manchester United (PREM)3Middlesbrough (PREM)067,251
Newcastle United (PREM)3Coventry City (CHMP)144,044
Nottingham Forest (CHMP)1Peterborough United (LGE1)016,774
Reading (CHMP)1Leicester City (CHMP)214,825
Southampton (PREM)2Portsmouth (PREM)129,453
West Bromwich Albion (PREM)1Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)122,441
West Ham United (CHMP)1Sheffield United (CHMP)119,444
Sunday, 30th January 2005
Chelsea (PREM)2Birmingham City (PREM)040,379
Oldham Athletic (LGE1)0Bolton Wanderers (PREM)112,029
3rd Round Replay
Monday, 17th January 2005
Swansea City (LGE2)0Reading (CHMP)17,354
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0
Tuesday, 18th January 2005
Blackpool (LGE1)0Leicester City (CHMP)16,938
Wednesday, 19th January 2005
Blackburn Rovers (PREM)3Cardiff City (CHMP)29,140
Boston United (LGE2)0Hartlepool United (LGE1)13,653
Exeter City (CONF)0Manchester United (PREM)29,033
Fulham (PREM)2Watford (CHMP)011,306
3rd Round
Saturday, 8th January 2005
AFC Bournemouth (LGE1)2Chester City (LGE2)17,653
Birmingham City (PREM)3Leeds United (CHMP)025,159
Cardiff City (CHMP)1Blackburn Rovers (PREM)114,145
Charlton Athletic (PREM)4Rochdale (LGE2)113,955
Chelsea (PREM)3Scunthorpe United (LGE2)140,019
Coventry City (CHMP)3Crewe Alexandra (CHMP)07,629
Derby County (CHMP)2Wigan Athletic (CHMP)114,457
Hartlepool United (LGE1)0Boston United (LGE2)05,342
Hull City (LGE1)0Colchester United (LGE1)214,027
Ipswich Town (CHMP)1Bolton Wanderers (PREM)320,080
Leicester City (CHMP)2Blackpool (LGE1)216,750
Luton Town (LGE1)0Brentford (LGE1)26,861
Manchester United (PREM)0Exeter City (CONF)067,551
Milton Keynes Dons (LGE1)0Peterborough United (LGE1)24,407
Northampton Town (LGE2)1Southampton (PREM)37,183
Notts. County (LGE2)1Middlesbrough (PREM)213,671
Oldham Athletic (LGE1)1Manchester City (PREM)013,171
Plymouth Argyle (CHMP)1Everton (PREM)320,112
Portsmouth (PREM)1Gillingham (CHMP)014,252
Preston North End (CHMP)0West Bromwich Albion (PREM)213,005
Queens Park Rangers (CHMP)0Nottingham Forest (CHMP)311,140
Reading (CHMP)1Swansea City (LGE2)113,642
Rotherham United (CHMP)0Yeovil Town (LGE2)35,397
Sheffield United (CHMP)3Aston Villa (PREM)114,003
Sunderland (CHMP)2Crystal Palace (PREM)117,536
Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)2Brighton & Hove Albion (CHMP)136,094
Watford (CHMP)1Fulham (PREM)114,896
West Ham United (CHMP)1Norwich City (PREM)023,389
Wolverhampton Wanderers (CHMP)2Millwall (CHMP)012,566
Sunday, 9th January 2005
Arsenal (PREM)2Stoke City (CHMP)136,579
Yeading (IPL)0Newcastle United (PREM)210,824
played at Loftus Road
Tuesday, 18th January 2005
Burnley (CHMP)1Liverpool (PREM)019,033
2nd Round Replay
Tuesday, 14th December 2004
Brentford (LGE1)2Hinckley United (CNFN)14,002
Swansea City (LGE2)2Stockport County (LGE1)15,572
Wednesday, 15th December 2004
Notts. County (LGE2)2Swindon Town (LGE1)03,770
2nd Round
Friday, 3rd December 2004
Cambridge City (CNFS)0Milton Keynes Dons (LGE1)12,000
Scunthorpe United (LGE2)2Wrexham (LGE1)05,698
Saturday, 4th December 2004
AFC Bournemouth (LGE1)2Carlisle United (CONF)15,815
Blackpool (LGE1)1Port Vale (LGE1)04,669
Exeter City (CONF)2Doncaster Rovers (LGE1)14,797
Halifax Town (CONF)1Chester City (LGE2)34,497
Hartlepool United (LGE1)5Aldershot Town (CONF)14,556
Hereford United (CONF)2Boston United (LGE2)33,601
Histon (SPL)1Yeovil Town (LGE2)32,564
Hull City (LGE1)4Macclesfield Town (LGE2)09,831
Northampton Town (LGE2)1Bury (LGE2)04,415
Oldham Athletic (LGE1)4Leyton Orient (LGE2)04,657
Peterborough United (LGE1)2Bath City (SPL)04,187
Rushden & Diamonds (LGE2)2Colchester United (LGE1)53,077
Slough Town (IPL)1Yeading (IPL)32,418
Stevenage Borough (CONF)0Rochdale (LGE2)22,700
Stockport County (LGE1)0Swansea City (LGE2)02,680
Swindon Town (LGE1)1Notts. County (LGE2)15,768
Wycombe Wanderers (LGE2)0Luton Town (LGE1)34,767
Sunday, 5th December 2004
Hinckley United (CNFN)0Brentford (LGE1)02,661
1st Round Replay
Tuesday, 23rd November 2004
Carlisle United (CONF)1Bristol Rovers (LGE2)04,813
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0
Colchester United (LGE1)4Mansfield Town (LGE2)12,492
Macclesfield Town (LGE2)2Alfreton Town (CNFN)01,783
Yeovil Town (LGE2)1Darlington (LGE2)05,365
Wednesday, 24th November 2004
AFC Bournemouth (LGE1)3Forest Green Rovers (CONF)15,489
Thursday, 25th November 2004
Brentford (LGE1)1Bristol City (LGE1)13,706
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1, Brentford won 4-3 on penalties
1st Round
Friday, 12th November 2004
Bristol City (LGE1)1Brentford (LGE1)17,547
Port Vale (LGE1)3Kidderminster Harriers (LGE2)14,141
Southend United (LGE2)0Luton Town (LGE1)36,683
Saturday, 13th November 2004
Aldershot Town (CONF)4Canvey Island (CONF)02,600
Alfreton Town (CNFN)1Macclesfield Town (LGE2)12,251
Barnet (CONF)1Bath City (SPL)22,147
Billericay Town (IPL)0Stevenage Borough (CONF)11,804
Blackpool (LGE1)3Tamworth (CONF)04,796
Boston United (LGE2)5AFC Hornchurch (CNFS)22,437
Bradford City (LGE1)0Rushden & Diamonds (LGE2)14,171
Bristol Rovers (LGE2)1Carlisle United (CONF)15,658
Bury (LGE2)5Vauxhall Motors (CNFN)22,566
Cambridge City (CNFS)2Leigh Genesis (CONF)1930
Darlington (LGE2)3Yeovil Town (LGE2)33,698
Exeter City (CONF)1Grimsby Town (LGE2)03,378
Forest Green Rovers (CONF)1AFC Bournemouth (LGE1)11,837
Halifax Town (CONF)3Cambridge United (LGE2)12,368
Hartlepool United (LGE1)3Lincoln City (LGE2)04,533
Hayes (CNFS)0Wrexham (LGE1)41,751
Hinckley United (CNFN)2Torquay United (LGE1)02,129
Histon (SPL)2Shrewsbury Town (LGE2)01,538
Hull City (LGE1)3Morecambe (CONF)210,129
Leyton Orient (LGE2)3Dagenham & Redbridge (CONF)14,155
Mansfield Town (LGE2)1Colchester United (LGE1)13,202
Milton Keynes Dons (LGE1)1Lancaster City (CNFN)02,065
Northampton Town (LGE2)1Barnsley (LGE1)04,876
Notts. County (LGE2)2Woking (CONF)04,700
Peterborough United (LGE1)2Tranmere Rovers (LGE1)12,940
Rochdale (LGE2)2Oxford United (LGE2)12,333
Scunthorpe United (LGE2)2Chesterfield (LGE1)04,869
Slough Town (IPL)2Walsall (LGE1)12,023
Southport (CNFN)1Hereford United (CONF)32,045
Stafford Rangers (CNFN)0Chester City (LGE2)22,492
Stockport County (LGE1)3Huddersfield Town (LGE1)13,479
Swindon Town (LGE1)4Sheffield Wednesday (LGE1)16,160
Tiverton Town (SPL)1Doncaster Rovers (LGE1)31,618
Wycombe Wanderers (LGE2)1Coalville Town (N/L)02,816
Yeading (IPL)2Halesowen Town (SPL)1524
Sunday, 14th November 2004
Cheltenham Town (LGE2)1Swansea City (LGE2)34,551
Thurrock (CNFS)0Oldham Athletic (LGE1)11,156
4th Qualifying Round Replay
Monday, 1st November 2004
Leek Town (NPL)0Halifax Town (CONF)11,247
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0
Tuesday, 2nd November 2004
Alfreton Town (CNFN)2Worksop Town (CNFN)11,238
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1
Burton Albion (CONF)1Hinckley United (CNFN)11,218
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1, Hinckley United won 4-1 on penalties
Coalville Town (N/L)2Liversedge (N/L)01,378
Scarborough (CONF)0Lancaster City (CNFN)11,073
Woking (CONF)4Lymington & New Milton (N/L)21,209
4th Qualifying Round
Saturday, 30th October 2004
Accrington Stanley (CONF)0Leigh Genesis (CONF)21,121
AFC Hornchurch (CNFS)3Gravesend & Northfleet (CONF)21,644
Aldershot Town (CONF)2Maidenhead United (CNFS)12,286
Barnet (CONF)2Farnborough Town (CONF)11,822
Bath City (SPL)1Leatherhead (N/L)0938
Billericay Town (IPL)3Flackwell Heath (N/L)0608
Bognor Regis Town (CNFS)0Yeading (IPL)2786
Brigg Town (ND1)1Halesowen Town (SPL)4588
Bromley (N/L)0Cambridge City (CNFS)3732
Canvey Island (CONF)4Hallen (N/L)1422
Carlisle United (CONF)3York City (CONF)15,072
Dagenham & Redbridge (CONF)2Crawley Town (CONF)11,104
Exeter City (CONF)2Braintree Town (IPL)02,308
Halifax Town (CONF)2Leek Town (NPL)21,544
Hayes (CNFS)4Ashford Town (Mddx.) (N/L)0649
Hereford United (CONF)2Radcliffe Borough (NPL)11,788
Hinckley United (CNFN)0Burton Albion (CONF)01,355
Lancaster City (CNFN)1Scarborough (CONF)1600
Liversedge (N/L)0Coalville Town (N/L)0820
Lymington & New Milton (N/L)1Woking (CONF)1879
Morecambe (CONF)5Hucknall Town (CNFN)11,185
Northwich Victoria (CONF)1Vauxhall Motors (CNFN)2738
Southport (CNFN)3Hyde (NPL)11,179
Stafford Rangers (CNFN)2Gateshead (NPL)11,014
Stevenage Borough (CONF)5Hendon (IPL)01,328
Tamworth (CONF)2Burscough (NPL)11,006
Thame United (N/L)0Forest Green Rovers (CONF)5778
Thurrock (CNFS)6Spalding United (ND1)0325
Tiverton Town (SPL)4Newport County (CNFS)11,007
Wealdstone (IPL)0Histon (SPL)2410
Worksop Town (CNFN)1Alfreton Town (CNFN)11,263
Sunday, 31st October 2004
Slough Town (IPL)3Salisbury City (IPL)21,195
Extra Preliminary Round
Saturday, 28th August 2004
Nelson (NWC2)0Chester-le-Street Town (N/L)1130